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A Yorkshire Terrier pursuing a bright red ball as it bobbles in the sea off the Cornish coast.

We love dogs at Polrunny Farm. More importantly, dogs enjoy their holidays at our Cornish cottages. They get their own welcome pack; their own blanket; and better still, they get to run for miles on the many dog-friendly beaches.

German shepherd dog on Porthcothan Beach, North Cornwall

Our lazy old German Shepherd, Albus Dumbledog, adores Polrunny.

He loves chasing rabbits on Bodmin Moor. 

His tail doesn't stop wagging as he splashes about in the Valency River that runs into the sea at Boscastle. 

And he definitely doesn't mind chomping the odd chip in the many dog-friendly pubs we eat at.

The sun sets on the North Cornish coast explain why Polrunny Farm guests have the best beach holidays in Cornwall.

Most of all, though, he loves the beaches. He loves the fact that the best beaches on our awesome stretch of coastline are dog-friendly all year. 

Our 'dog blog' gives you much more information on how we treat dogs at Polrunny Farm.

And our 'best beaches near Boscastle' blog highlights those beaches that are dog-friendly all year.

Our dog-friendly cottages

So long as your dog is house-trained, we allow dogs at four of our traditional Cornish cottages - Blueberry, Seaberry, Blackberry and Elderberry. 

As well as dog treats, our welcome pack for your dog includes a dog bed, dog bowl and blanket for use whilst your dog is with us. 

If you are bringing your dog with you, we do charge you an additional £25 fee per dog, in part to cover the cost of the welcome pack and in part to cover wear and tear and additional cleaning costs.

Book a dog-friendly cottage

If you are a dog-owning couple; a dog-owning family or dog owners that love being active whilst on holiday, then check out the below links.