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Going greener every year - ethical, responsible and sustainable tourism


Polrunny Farm’s charm is that our holiday cottages are set in a beautiful, natural landscape

As owners of Polrunny Farm, we love sharing our beautiful part of the world with our guests. We are committed to doing this in a way that protects, and ultimately enhances, our local environment. Polrunny Farm has a history dating back to the seventeenth century. It is our hope that this beautiful landscape will be enjoyed by many generations to come.

This page sets out our 'ethical, responsible and sustainable tourism' policy. It commits us to act in a certain way. It also asks you, as prospective guests, to act in a certain way when visiting Polrunny Farm.

We are excited to commit to ethical, responsible and sustainable tourism. Our ethos is “Progressively Greener”. We would love to do everything today, but the reality is that we simply can’t do that, so we are committed to becoming greener each year.

Our approach seeks to:

  • Reduce, recycle, reuse and refill
  • Conserve energy
  • Be water wise
  • Give the car a rest and promote sustainable transport
  • Buy locally and ethically
  • Eliminate single use packaging
  • Respect and encourage nature
  • Support green businesses
  • Be good neighbours and have a positive impact on the local community
  • Educate and inform those around us
  • Evaluate, understand and comply with relevant legislation

Below, we set out our environmental 'to do' list - the initiatives we are currently pursuing. If you want to read more about the context, then check out our 'going greener every year' blog post.


Minimising waste going to landfill

  • We recycle all of the waste that it is practicable to recycle. Recycling includes all items we can have collected from the site, plus those we can otherwise have recycled via local facilities (batteries, plastic bags).
  • We make good use of reuse sites (charity shops, freecycle and nextdoor) and give away as much as possible via these portals.
  • We have installed new recycling facilities for guests to use.
  • We actively encourage our guests to recycle through container signage and visibly sorting our site bins several times a week.
  • We provide as many items in zero plastic, refillable containers as is practical.
  • We use green toilet paper and use The Green Sack refuse sacks made from 100% recycled UK waste farm plastics
  • We buy in bulk and avoid individual servings to minimise packaging
  • Our online booking system and Guest Guidance saves huge amounts of paper and has virtually eliminated postman pat miles.
  • We encourage suppliers to avoid plastic packaging and will exclude suppliers who continually provide the same.
  • We encourage guests to avoid buying single use packaging by providing Tupperware and a tote bag in the cottages.


Using sustainable energy sources

  • We have solar panels on our large sheds to generate energy, offsetting the farm’s energy usage to a significant degree.
  • Additional hot water and heating is powered by LPG gas, which is a fossil fuel. We commit to phasing it out as soon as viable affordable alternatives become available.
  • We only buy green electricity from Green Energy UK.

    Minimising energy use

    All our buildings are old and unfortunately intrinsically environmentally inefficient compared to modern builds. We commit to providing progressive improvements to better insulate our stone cottages.

    • We have increased insulation to the highest levels within the roof spaces and on piping and increased the draught protection of windows, doors etc. There is still much more to do here.
    • Blueberry, our fifth cottage, has been converted to the highest standards with Cork insulation and under floor heating helping to lower energy requirements.
    • The two wood burners on the farm have been replaced with highly efficient models during 2021 and the wood we use in them is local, including wood from our own farm.
    • All external lighting is movement controlled and low energy.
    • All bulbs have been replaced with LED lighting.
    • All radiators have been upgraded with thermostatic valves.
    • All cottages are provided with ample blankets, rugs and throws to increase the cosy factor.
    • The properties and appliances are kept in a good state of repair. All new appliances bought will have the highest levels of energy efficiency.
    Polrunny Farm uses environmentally and ethically produced products, and refillable plastic containers.


    Minimising water consumption

    Our water comes from a local freshwater underground spring. It’s filtered and regularly tested and maintains very high standards. We are sure you’ll agree that it tastes lovely. Given the volume of water heading down the valley, it’s a sustainable source with our usage providing no adverse impacts on the local environment. Nevertheless, we understand the significant pressure on water supplies locally and globally and don’t want to use any more than necessary:

    • All our shower heads and wash basin taps are fitted with aerators which reduces water and energy use.
    • All toilets are water-efficient
    • The newer cottages are provided with large and comfortable showers, rather than baths.
    • We educate guests via signage to consider their water usage.


    Maximising environmental benefits

    • We are committed to improving the site for local wildlife and are taking advice on maintaining the land in ways that support biodiversity. Our grass is maintained at a longer length to promote wildlife and help to support healthy soils. We leave areas of land to nature for years at a time to support and protect habitats.
    • We offer only low level site lighting at night to promote a dark sky for star watching.
    • We use only eco-friendly cleaning products on site.
    • We provide a number of borrowable products to guests to avoid unnecessary consumerism and reduce plastic waste. This includes our children’s welly bank, book library and shopping tote initiatives.
    • We source environmentally friendly products for the cottages as required – recycled plastic bags, recycled rugs, kitchen sponges made from paper derivatives, excellent quality second-hand furniture, bath towels made from bamboo, biodegradable doggie poo bags Etc.


    Keeping it local

    • If there is a local source, then we endeavour to use it, be that for consumables for our guests, other goods made locally or contractors for the upkeep of the site.
    • We promote local services to our guests as much as possible.
    • For products not available locally, we stock as ethically as possible.


    Promoting sustainable transport

    • We have installed electric vehicle charging points  for each cottage. There are four in the courtyard, and Blackberry's charging point is 50 yards from the cottage.
    • We have bike rack storage available and are investigating E-Bike rental for our guests, although insurance is proving onerous.
    • Guests arriving by foot, bicycle or public transport get an extended welcome pack by way of thanks.
    • We actively promote the fantastic walks available in our local area. Walking is the best way to enjoy Cornwall’s spectacular scenery and clean air.


    • We participate in local environmental initiatives and promote these to our guests. They include beach cleans and conservation programmes.
    • Each year we donate to charity and promote local charity initiatives to our guests.
    • We provide incentives for people to use our holiday homes who could not otherwise afford to stay at Polrunny Farm.
    • We take a keen interest in supporting our lovely local village of Boscastle. We promote local businesses to our guests.
    • We write articles that promote things to see and do in and around Boscastle, so that our guests are aware of things to do locally whilst you are here.


    We know we haven’t got all the answers here. We would love to hear from you if you have ideas of other things we should be doing to further our goals of protecting our landscape and supporting our local area to flourish in a sustainable way. 

    If you would like to keep up to date with our progress, then check out our blog. We have already published a 'getting greener every year' article, and we will write more posts as our initiatives progress.